Crystal Qualities

awesome Smoky Elestial I saw in a 'local rock shop' with a price tag of $150 more than I'd sold a similar piece for

awesome Smoky Elestial

Here, I’ll be slowly populating all the varieties I know, and have experience with…the list is by no means complete…to the contrary (it’s just starting!).

Crocodile Jasper – like Malachite, it combines the dark (black) of openness & dark green of the hear chakra)…making it an “emotive” (facilitator of feelings, even sadness)…further enhanced by fanciful, natural swirls, indicating the complexity of emotional expression.
Selenite – the ultimate “connector” – acts as an open channel, or conduit between places and times…but careful what you use it for…because it does not filter what’s passing through it (makes for a great wand, particularly in natural form).
Tiger Eye – just plain beautiful, and complementary to masculine energies, “the lion” – it also, as one of “the iridescents” – represents changeability and appreciation for what could be.

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