Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q: So on Facebook, why do you want us to email you (at CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com) – instead of just answering our Questions (about price, or whatnot) directly – on Facebook (as a Reply to Comments)?

A: For starters – I do always Reply – IF I notice your Comment (or the Notification about it). The problem is, that it’s really easy to miss your outreach completely, or to not find it for months. That’s not so with an email (of which I get fewer). Facebook has no Search (for content) – so it’s virtually impossible for me to find or refer back to our Comment dialog – and even Facebook’s own message system has a very weak Search Engine (and the only thing you can search for – most often unsuccessfully – is a person’s name). I prefer Gmail, it’s a much more reliable Messaging system, and I can Search it for terms and names so easily.

2 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Hi. Having trouble finding list of your classes. And finding crystals that might be for sale. Saw the blue selenite floater and fell in love. Am a medium. Nurse practitioner. Would love to take a class and wonder if that selenite floater is for sale. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Best. Diana

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