Crystal Buyer Reviews

Diamantina Quartz, tapered laser wand

Diamantina Quartz, tapered laser wand


I highly recommend purchasing crystals and stones from Kyle Russell. I am always wary of purchasing crystals online. I had seen several posts on Facebook of available crystals offered by Kyle/Power Stones and decided to dive in. I contacted Kyle about about a Prase Cathedral Quartz and concluded our transaction by purchasing the Quartz as well as two exquisite Amethyst pieces. Kyle answered my inquires immediately, sent photos of each stone as well as measurements. And, I received my purchase within three days!!!
D. Logan
Iron Butterfly Crystal Therapy
Lawton, OK
Hi Kyle, Yes my crystal arrived and I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much!!
D. Miller
New York
Got the wand today, Kyle!!! It’s gorgeous!! Thank you so much!!
Kaye A.
I GOT IT!!!! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you 🙂

I was thrilled to hear that I was going to be getting the Irradiated Quartz. It looks just like the pictures!  After I had made my payment the quartz arrived the NEXT DAY! I wasn’t expecting it for at least a couple of days! I look forward to future buys knowing that any and all questions will be answered in a timely matter and I will receive my purchase quickly in proper shipping material!                        Thanks again for that quartz! Love, love, love it 🙂

T. Stanley
Southern California
The stones are absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m beyond pleased with them!
Blake L. 
Southern California
I also have my quartz crystals I bought from you here with me. I often like to read while holding this one. It is my study buddy.
Sarah S.
metro-Boston, MA

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