Event/Conference Host Review

sample Expo tabeletop

sample Expo tabeletop

The 2013 Celebration of Reiki Conference was so fortunate to have Kyle Russell of Crystal Concentrics among our Vendors.

From start to finish, Kyle was easy to work with and consistently ‘on the same page’ as the Conference Planning Committee.  It was truly a partnership and a collaboration.  The 2013 Conference was our first, but because of people like Kyle Russell, the event far exceeded our expectations.

During the Conference, Kyle excelled at educating and empowering our conference-goers in the properties of crystals, their uses in meditation and healing, as well as their histories and geographical origins.  In fact, some conference-goers were so enthralled with Kyle’s approach, that they missed some of the scheduled workshops!

Vendors were required to sign a contract, set up their space in a welcoming and attractive way, and provide an evaluation of their vendor experience at the Conference.  We were able to count on Kyle to follow-through  gracefully and graciously in all of these endeavors.  Kyle put 100% of his efforts into making the conference attendees who browsed his products have truly meaningful and informative experiences.

We will be blessed to have Kyle Russell back with us for the 2014 Celebration of Reiki Conference.

from Elise Brenner, PhD, Reiki Master Teacher, Chair Celebration of Reiki Conference

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