What is Crystal Concentrics

layout of power stones

layout of power stones

Don’t miss our actual About page – it’s clickable independently of this, above the home page drop down – and provides more background on who I am, what I do, and how to connect (through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr). So, contact/links aside…

Crystal Concentrics is a proprietary system developed by Kyle Russell, designed to improve human wellbeing, align individuals with their own higher purpose, or Spiritual Self, and ideally heal or process the earthly challenges of mind and body which routinely present themselves in the course of our life cycle.

Methods utilized are in-person or remote, guided meditation & instruction, as well as group sessions (classes, workshops, and presentations), which can run 20 minutes to 3+ hours long.

Crystal Concentrics is it neither “better than,” nor is it competitive with other modalities or traditional medicine(s), each of have their own place among the many useful healing tools available to modern peoples. It’s important to note that Crystal Concentrics – while having some commonalities with them – is largely NOT based on all the literature out there on the subject. A reason for that, is that Russell opposes the pharmaceutical model (ie. “this is ‘good for’ this” or “that will bring such-and-such into your life”). We prefer a more hands on, experiential, situational, and relative approach to bringing crystal energies into your life.

Based on 25 years’ experience, plus direct inspiration – from within – and resulting from some very unusual transformative experiences, this practice is “straight from the source” – and though related – is not derivative from what ever else may be out there in the field.

What are the benefits of working with Crystal Concentrics? See our Benefits page…they are many!

To find out more About Crystal Concentrics, click About, where you’ll see Contact links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr.

Email CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com for more information, or to connect personally with Kyle Russell.

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