Workshop/Class Reviews

tabletop layout of power stone crystals

tabletop layout of power stone crystals

Last week, I attended “In Sickness and In Health,” a crystal workshop with Kyle Russell, of Crystal Concentrics. It was fantastic, and I’m still feeling the effects of such a positive night! The 3-hour workshop consisted of meditation; informational/intuitive talk and building of a crystal grid; interaction with the crystals; and personal sharing from the participants.

The crystals that Kyle used for the evening were some of the most unusual and beautiful (both physically and energetically) pieces I’ve ever seen and experienced. I was so thrilled that we were able to hold the crystals!

[Side note: I’ve been with some teachers who have been protective of their own personal power tools, being cautious not to let other people touch and “infect” the crystals’ energies. This has never resonated with me.]

At the end of the evening, I meditated with an incredible piece of topaz. I still can recall the sensations and the energy of the topaz. Since that meditation, I have felt calmer, less anxious and more grounded than I have in months – and I’m just a few weeks away from my wedding that I’ve been planning (and that’s been highly stressful)!

Kyle creates a space that is open, respectful and trusting, which allowed me to feel safe while going deep into the sensations, thoughts and feelings that came up through the meditations and through my interactions with the crystals. Kyle is genuine in his practice, a quality that is very important to me when trusting anyone who does intuitive work.

It was a refreshing and healing evening, being like-minded people who were kind and as interested and in-tune with crystals as I feel I am! I will definitely be back!

– K.C. 

Experiencing a workshop with Kyle Russell is an incredibly unique and valuable kind of journeying. For all those who seek to fine-tune their energies, or who are also looking to strengthen and support a meditation practice, Kyle offers a safe, intimate, sacred space within which one can do both.

Space is first given for individual conscience to blossom naturally, unhindered by substance or form. Subjects are then explored by introducing the crystals and what they can offer us. The journey begins with guided meditation through the prisms of Self and crystals merging to bring clarity, insights and truths into what is our everyday reality.

Once immersed in this ocean of light, it is easy to see that the crystals too, have stories of their own, and that they weave their way into our lives as gifts of pure energy, strongholds of the elemental forces that make up who we are. They are there to remind us that life is beautiful and magical, and that we are that life. Being in their presence with the sacred gifts of guided meditation creates powerful reflections that help shine light into our souls, into our deepest sense of being.

A crystal journey with Kyle is undoubtedly something you’ll want to come back to as a way to deepen and enrich your experience on Earth.

– L. Ruiz (Reiki Master & Massage Therapist)

I wanted to express to you, the wonderful experience I had at your meditation class last week in Arlington, MA. Also all the powerful energy I received from you and your amazing collection of Power Stone Crystals & Artifacts. I love my Apophyllite stone I purchased, it gives me a feeling in my soul, unlike any other feeling I have experienced thus far, it was calling me from the first time I saw it at the meditation (it was mine). I know that as I continue to be part of your ongoing classes, I will feel more energy in my body and soul as I continue my journey. The power/energy I receive from the Apophyllite stone is just the beginning.
In addition, I would like to add that I loved being around like minded people, and hearing feedback from everyone in the class, it gave me an opportunity to get out of my everyday ups and downs of life and this event allowed me to center on myself and do what I need, to heal and ignite my connection to Soul. I am also very excited to book a private session with you; you have such a great energy and kindness about you from the very first time I contacted you on Facebook months ago.
Kyle, you are truly a Genuine Gem!
Filled with Gratitude, 
Love, Jeannie Cappiello
I had never met Kyle before and wasn’t sure what to expect from the evening workshop of crystals and meditation. I didn’t have to wonder for very long because Kyle has an amazing way of gathering up all the loose energy in a room and bringing it together in a peaceful, calm, and warm manner. He is so approachable and knowledgeable that I immediately liked and felt comfortable with him. He spent time with each of us individually and as a group, asking us what issues in our lives we felt we needed help with, and recommending a crystal. I still carry those stones with me each day, and plan on attending every event Kyle holds that I can!
S. Isenstein, Realtor, Reiki practitioner (metro-Boston, MA)
Last week I attended my first Crystal Meditation group meeting, New Beginnings: Opening & Clearing. Going to the event I was certain of two things; there would be crystals and guided meditations. I was not aware of the intensity I would experience as the evening progressed.
I was first taken aback by a room full of crystals. Some of the most beautiful, colorful, expensive stones I have ever experienced in my life. Just standing I the room I began vibrating. There was a chatty meet and greet time provided so the attendees could connect and re-connect.
Then the Circle was gathered. Kyle led us through three meditations during the 2 hour meeting; each accompanied by crystals and stones appropriate for the intended visualization. I found myself easily falling into a distant meditative state. By the last meditation I felt a definite shift in my being; I had received messages and felt very different in my body compared to when I walked in off the street.
Kyle provides a wonderful calm space free from distraction, enlivened with the vibration (songs) of a diverse rich collection of gem stones and crystals. Kyle is a Crystalline Being in flesh.
– LG

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