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mystic light, emanating from a crystal point

mystic light, emanating from a crystal point

Although the Home Page of this site displays my Blogs going backwards (from the present), chronologically – I’ve decided to create this Page as a sort of “TOC” or Table of Contents – so you can learn more about each before opening/reading them.

It’s also handy Cut-And-Paste resource for each Blog’s URL’s and – Share them with your Friends & Colleagues (please do!) – just be sure to Credit me as follows: “This blog was written by Kyle Russell (of & Please feel free to email him at for more info, or to get his updates.”

Don’t hesitate to forward me any of your contacts’ emails, if you think they might be interested in hearing from me.

JAN 2015

(1/31) the Big Apple: juicy (and sometimes rotten)…something for everyone! ~ what started as a trip to New York City, to participate as a Healer at the Awaken Fair turned into so much more – Crystal shopping; Readings at a shop in the Village – and a run in with a client that turned into an important learning opportunity.

SEPT 2014

(9/28) Anatomy of a Meditation, what is Real? The Power of Metaphor (from Microcosm to Macrocosm) aka “The Real and the Imagined Power of Metaphor” ~ in discussing how I craft a Meditation event, various dichotomies, from having a plan to playing it by ear; the continuity between what you believe in and “what is real.” What’s more important (or can they both be important): the Concrete vs. the Ephemeral; the Medical vs. Metaphysical Model?

JUNE 2014 (2 blogs):

(6/8) How to Work with Crystals  ~ the companion blog to the webinar of the same name, it explores the 6 primary ways I’ve discovered, for working with crystals: from presentations to meditations & workshops (live and online), readings, individual work (in person and long distance), things you do on your own, and charity.

(6/29) “I’m Sick and I’m well” (the Gifts and Lessons of Illness) ~ inspired by a bout with illness, I used the opportunity to explore the questions that come up; the crystals I thought of, as useful in the conversation; and so much more: like the “Fluke Factor” & the “Fog Factor;” as well as the independent merits of Medical and Metaphysical therapy.

MAY 2014: The 3 Gateways: Mind, Heart, and Body (the three intake valves to the Soul are represented by the following Crystal gatekeepers: Amethyst, Milky stones, and Citrine…click through to read more about why…and what they each represent).

APRIL 2014: Expo/Festival madness – the view from across the table (what’s it like to be a vendor at a metaphysical fair – I tell you all about my experience doing a big show in New York City – with lots of pictures and stories).

FEBRUARY 2014: What’s Love Got To Do With It – Crystals and the Heart (I’ve identified 6 different aspects of the Heart, represented by as many stones…and romantic, even familial love are represented by a whole different type of stone).

DECEMBER 2013: Crystal Healing Portal – Say a Prayer for Me  (the concept – whose time has come – of creating a Crystal Healing Vortex Portal to submit people’s prayers to the Higher Power(s), and some of the considerations of what it takes to actually do that)

SEPTEMBER 2013: Crystal Meditation versus Crystal Workshop (why do either – what’s involved in each – and what’s the difference between them)

AUGUST 2013: What is a Crystal Reading? (how is it different from a psychic reading, are crystal balls involved, what’s involved, and what are its benefits?)

JUNE 2013: Protection & Crystals (what are the 4 aspects of protection, and which crystals ‘speak’ to them?)

MAY 2013: Are Crystals Ungodly? (is there a conflict of interest between Religion and Crystals)

MARCH 2013: Crystal Pricing – it’s all in the eye of the beholder (some philosophical background – a lot of examples – and practical facts that go into how I price Crystals)

JANUARY 2013: Buying Crystals on Facebook (the learning curve, my experience)

NOVEMBER 2012: Gem Show Vendor Speaks Out (how a seller things about our metaphysical interest in stones…with some interesting insights…and an introduction to the Crystals Demystified class)

SEPTEMBER 2012: A Time To Give Back? (after travel to Italy, an explanation of how it’s time to step up my work to another level, in sharing what I’ve learned…and an introduction to my newly created Pinterest account ‘boards’)

MARCH 2012: Can You Heal Me? (answering this complicated, important question)

JANUARY 2012: Crystal Debut on Flickr (about my new image sharing on the popular photo service, as well as an introduction to my new Twitter account)

OCTOBER 2011: Back to the Rock (hanging up the sign on my door – I’m available again to work with you & Crystals, as well as an acknowledgement of this magical time of year – and how primal and foundational stone is…”from dust to dust”)

DECEMBER 2010: What is Spirit Work? (an inquiry into my unique approach to looking within, reassessing, and refocusing our life’s mission)

OCTOBER 2010: Why Rock and Why Now? (the ‘turn-over time,’ and annual ‘celebration’ cycle of the stones, as well as their primary role in our world..first blog entry)

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  1. I look forward to reading your blog. I have one too and invite you to visit. Its about power energy wands that I make.

  2. Keep on working, great job!

    • Thanks so much – what is your name(?) – it is very encouraging to receive your support. I will reach out via email, and hopefully there can be more Sharing! Peace, Kyle.

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