rutilated Citrine, flame cut

rutilated Citrine, flame cut

There are a variety of Benefits I’d like to provide you – ways I can facilitate your life experience through Crystals & Minerals – here they are some of the broad categories…

If you’re looking to buy some unique, high quality pieces, please check out my SHOP – it’s a Facebook page called Power Stone Crystals – and features the majority of what I have For Sale right now.
If you’re looking to explore the metaphysical aspects of Crystals, I suggest:
1. a Crystal Reading, to help me get to know – and reflect back to you – your life situation, from a new perspective (like a Psychic Reading, but there’s no “hide,” only seek…you can learn more from my Blog on the topic of Crystal Readings);
2. some Group Instruction might be great (classes, workshops, and presentations);
3. book an Individual Session (for maximum, one-on-one attention):
4. and for fellow Healers, we have special deals & opportunities to support you.

Click through and see what might be of interest…

Email to get in touch directly.

3 thoughts on “SERVICES

  1. Very interested in this site! Selenite is what i am looking for, please contact me.

  2. Email please. Iam having issues with email

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