A) crystal sales, direct to customer
B) group & individual instruction
C) remote & in-person meditations/sessions
WHY (what’s in it for you?):
– increased Awareness
– relaxation, stress reduction
– complete security with the creation of Sacred Safe-Space
– confidential Spiritual & personal counseling
– getting Grounded, coming down from the hectic hullabaloo of modern life
– connecting with Nature, Body, Mind, and Spirit
– a unique interface with Illness & Health
– a new understanding for what is Healing
– inner Peace & Wellness
– rebooting, or regeneration (for all, including Healers)
– complemenatarity…enhance your use & experience of other modalities
– journey inward, and back and forth through time
– expand your Imagination without medication
– integrate Life’s major Transitions
– assimilate and adapt to daily challenges
HOW: contact Kyle Russell directly, here’s how…
Twitter: @CrystalsPower

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