Crystal Healing Vortex Portal

Crystal Healing Vortex Portal (requires private invitation, Crystal Reading, and/or attendance at one of my previous events)…please read my blog on the topic: Crystal Healing Vortex “say a prayer for me!” (as a kind of mental prerequisite, to understand some of the factors that go into my considerations around the topic).

Basically, what it is, is an event – periodic (from time to time), but free-standing – a gathering & layout we set up specifically to connect with the Force bigger than us; listen up for the Will of the Universe; and put in our petitions for the hopes and dreams we’d like to see come true.

If I’ve reached out to you, you’ve worked with me before – and you’re local – you’re welcome to come be a part of this…but pre-registration is required…we can’t have any walk-ins or last minute joins (it’s something you kind of have to know you want to be a part of in advance).

And if you can’t make it – you’re long distance – we’re happy to include your prayers. There is a fee involved. And either way (local or long distance), feel free to email with questions.

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