Crystal Readings

4 stone layout: Jade, Rubies, and Elestial Smoky Amethyst

4 stone layout: Jade, Rubies, and Elestial Smoky Amethyst

Crystal Readings are possible in person, or from a distance.

I have a whole Blog on Crystal Readings, for additional background.

Here’s how it works:

We have a conversation, face-to-face (side-by-side, or with me sitting near, but behind, and to the side of you). Or we can connect by phone, or via Skype.

I ask you questions about your life situation, what challenges you’re facing.

Perhaps you’ll share some of your hopes and dreams, and I “read” them collectively.

I’m not trying to read your mind (or past, or future, like a psychic), or to detect details you haven’t shared, so it’s important that you speak your truth. If you’re willing to suspend judgement, take a little break from your life, and explore trust…letting another Being into your world (to serve you)…then this is for you.

My work is interpretive, but not clairvoyant; intuitive, but not magical. It’s not a show, or a performance. It’s my 25 years’ experience with the Crystals, and 50 with Life itself, that inform my reading & interpretation of where you stand, with your Soul.

All the information you provide gives me a sense of where you’re at, and what might be helpful – energetically – to either cope with, or move on through your own personal process, to a better (or another) place, vibrationally.

I might suggest a plan of action, some areas and options you may wish to explore – either through work with me – or via recommended resources (other practitioner modalities, etc.).

I pick out a selection of Crystals – from my personal Power Stone collection (used only for these personal, or group experience sessions) – which I think are pertinent, and we’ll either make a small layout – or hand them to you in succession, as we go through one (or a few) guided Meditations. If not in person, I can show them to you on Skype, or email you photos.

Included will be a handful of relevant stones, and I will play back to you how they relate to your situation, so you can proceed with your own next steps (while we’re together, and afterwards, in your own practice, and on your journey).

Imagine – instead of drawing a set of Tarot cards, and then doing your reading based on what they are or “say” – we’re doing the reading, and then drawing the appropriate “cards,” custom chosen for you and where you’re at, personally.

Email: for more information, or to contact me.

How much does it cost? See your Rates page.

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