group work: Classes, Meditations, Workshops

Group trainings are possible for self-organized or interested parties (including individuals), as well as Healing Centers, or Organizations who’d like to host events dedicated to Crystal Healing and Energy Work.

Comparing notes is a great way to give yourself a reality check, learn about others’ process, and how it might apply to your own. We all have experiences that we can toss into the communal pot, enriching one another with our individual learning and wisdom. A meeting of like-minded “crystal-ites” upgrades everyone’s knowledge base.

Here are some sample presentations I offer (and we can flesh out details & directions if you like):


– Guided Meditation Sessions

– Basic Level “Crystals Demystified”

– Advanced Level “Crystals Remystified”


– Classification & Appreciation of the Mineral World through a guided Pinterest tour

– The Stone Legacy of Great Civilizations (Machu Picchu & Italy) & Natural Wonders (the Galapagos Islands)

Be in touch (email:, we can discuss what might work best for you and yours…

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