Individual Sessions

This is the Heart of our Practice. If you’re not much for words – read no further – suffice it to say: crystal sessions are enlightening, grounding, relaxing, refreshing, and more.


We all begin with ourselves…our state of being is key. When we’re healthy, in Mind & Body, we overflow with life energy. We may lack perspective, or want to more fully savor and appreciate our good fortune. I can help with that. Wherever you’re at, I can take you higher, deeper, and further on your journey.

If you’re like me, you’re unable to scratch your own back (or think outside the box sometimes). When ‘lost’ (unfocused) or unwell, we are ungrounded, susceptible to unwanted energies from within and outside of us…this way, dis-ease and disease are welcomed to the body and mind.

Stress is ever present in our modern world. There’s the process of dis-integration that begins almost from birth, or certainly after we reach “maturity.” Old age seeks to take away from us all the strength and joy we’d known in our prime. Even young adults (and children!) can be waylaid by mental or spiritual distraction.

We’re not islands, and especially when it comes to healing work, we rely on the input of energy from ‘others’ (persons, objects…even substances) – and it can be okay for us to count on those influencers – to help shape, or make sense of our destiny.

Sooner or later, there will come times when an infusion of fresh Spiritual energy, a safe space to regenerate (relax!), or to explore themes and challenges we all face…is a welcome breath of fresh air. I would like to be that for you!


Crystal Concentric sessions can touch any or all of the above, minus the ingestion of substances. I actually believe in diet being a major source of our illness or wellness. Spirit Work, as I call it – begins with a discussion of your presenting situation, understanding – and hopes (often cross-legged, sitting up, maybe on a chair or backjack). Then a Meditation and/or Layout is put together with specific stones.

Most often lying down (face up) – a sacred space is created – where you can feel unthreatened, and immune to the usual pressures of life.

Burning Sage (or a candle) is used (if it’s allowed, or safe); basic hand drumming (by the practitioner) may be called for – along with other gentle noise makers – to clear the space and prepare for new energies. Our exploration of your internal world leads you through a journey towards greater understanding and fulfillment of your expressed (or as-yet un-accessed) life intention(s)…those which your Spirit Guides (within and/or outside of you) have in store for that special person called you.

A progression happens – often holding pairs of similar, hand-held crystals – that moves you from one ‘place’ to another…towards greater grounding, love, and energy…whichever direction makes sense at the time . There is an internal logic to the session, a destination or process, and a resolution. It is a partnership though – not something done TO you – but WITH your full cooperation and involvement.

Ideally, you leave the session (lasting 30-90 minutes) renewed, having learned –  realized (or experienced) – something that will aid you on the path, wherever that may ultimately take you.

Often, multiple sessions are recommended (at least 2-3). It’s up to you. But always, when you remember your session, realize that it’s a resource that you can draw for. If not scheduled in person (or remotely), through your own memory and creativity…our work together can be a lasting “hit” or inspiration…something you can build on as well.

Our healing power lies within – the trick to successful ‘treatment’ – is teamwork in bringing it out.

Book a session, in person or maybe by phone – distance is not necessarily a problem – by simply emailing

Here are some other ways you can Connect.

2 thoughts on “Individual Sessions

  1. Hello Kyle,

    I found your Healing a Sessions.

    Where are you located? If Florida, I have family in Ocala, FL. This can give me an excuse to visit them.

    My birthday is August 1. I could give myself a present by doing this reading with you in person anytime in August providing you will be in Florida.

    If you are not in Florida, can a person have the same quality results for $120.00, via the internet?

    • Thanks for rooting around the site, Abenaa – I’ve tried to supply as much info as possible – but questions help clarify so much. Happy upcoming birthday, I would be honored to be a part of what makes it special, I’ll email you with more particulars about scheduling, etc. I’m in Boston – so not very close to Florida at all – however I do believe that distance work (not just remote, but by phone, etc.) can be very effective…so watch for my email…and we’ll look forward to connecting soon. Kyle

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