nice little layout

nice little layout


Think not in terms of “what will this cost me,” but rather, “what is it I’m trying to do with this opportunity,” and “where would I like to be, coming out of this experience.”

You can’t know, necessarily, what the outcome of our work together will be. But you can be sure that I will be specifically attuned to you and your Spirit for the duration. There is no laying on of hands, but it’s absolutely a hands-on process, not passive at all, though if you are incapacitated (or we are working distance, or with someone who has passed on), progress can nonetheless be made.

My goal is to accelerate (or jump-start) the process of your own personal development – or whatever Spiritual movement (energy-shift) we are trying to effect – wherever that takes us. It’s not random or whimsical, it’s very practical, and related to the underlying experience and missions of your Soul in this Life. That has implications for your relationships, work, self-love, and fulfillment.

I price generally at $2 per minute – sometimes a bit more, or even substantially less – depending on how long or how often we collaborate.

Keep in mind, as you consider my rates, that I have rental expenses of my own; communication & transportation costs…the usual business overhead. Plus, there’s the considerable amount I have invested in the Crystals themselves – not just what I’ve outlaid on my For-Sale pieces – but also the substantial collection of For-Use-With-Clients and in-group-learning Meditations & Workshop pieces. Think museum quality – but from a Metaphysical perspective – and you have to be able to touch them (as opposed to them being behind glass).

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there’s my own experience & expertise (with people and the stones), which you’re trading money for…as we work towards bringing all the above to bear for the benefit of You.

Also, it’s never like in Acupuncture, where I place the needles and leave you alone in the room (to grossly, and perhaps unfairly characterize a different approach to mine). Theoretically, I could “prescribe” certain stones – tell you to go buy them (as I’ve often heard some advisers do) – or leave you with them, to absorb what they have to give you. Instead, I’m fully engaged in your service, the entire time. That’s more rewarding for me, too, to have that back-and-forth engagement. It’s priceless.


In general, my approach is quite different from what you may have read in the Crystal book literature (see my “Crystal Myths, Divergence of Vision: A Challenge to the Existing Crystal Lore” webinar). I have my own philosophies – but there is an internal logic that, once you learn it – will be easy to apply immediately to your own life.

You might find it helpful – in general – to review the Benefits of this type of work.


For $20 – in a 10-minute meeting, by phone (or via email exchange) – I’m happy to connect with you on any topic: your collection, questions you may have about Crystals, questions you may have about my Services & Rates. This enables us to identify next steps, what way(s) I can support you, going forward (unless we cover all the ground in that brief time period).


A great way to start is to have a Crystal Reading (see the Crystal Reading page), it’s also called a Crystal Reading & Wellness Session, it costs $40 for a 15 minute session. Thirty dollars for a quarter hour is fairly standard at Fairs & Expos. In fact, I’m available to appear at your events in this capacity, though terms may vary, and revenue shares are often part of the deal.

I do provide additional value when you work with me directly (as opposed to through a supervised, public event). I can be more flexible with time, allowing for extra minutes (at my discretion), if and when I determine – at my discretion – if it’s needed.

We can confer, as our window of time is concluding, to see if you want to extend (and “keep the meter running”). I may also include some email (or call) outreach beforehand (occasionally with questions, for you to think about, in advance of our meeting). Lastly, I can provide followup, in which I capture (and play back to you) what we’ve discussed, including photo(s) of discussed (or used) stones.

My hope is always that we’ll continue working together, as I’ve learned that “one-offs” have their limitations, and continuity allows for greater progress.


Another way to get to know my work – and it’s much cheaper, by the minute – is to attend a Meditation, Class, or Workshop – which can run as low as $15-20 up to $60-100 for 60 to 180 minute, interactive gatherings. It’s a very advantageous way of “getting your feet wet” (though it does require you to show up in person). During these events, you will have a guided journey – experiencing Crystals directly – and sharing your experience with fellow attendees. The process often involves an important learning component, by which I share with you my unique understanding of the Language of Crystals. You can see my Group Instruction page, for more information on these options.


Actually, the “biggest bang for your buck” (excuse the term) may come from paid access to my Crystal Webinar Archive (covering topics like “Crystal Meditation,” “Crystals on Pinterest,” “How to Work With Crystals,” and 5 other fascinating topics). Of course it’s not us interacting, but they are hour-long presentations, chock full of visuals and metaphysical information…for just $15 each. I strongly recommend my Crystal Webinars, especially if you live nowhere near Boston.


If you’d like to host me to Lead a Group at your venue of choice – I do request a guarantee of up to several hundred dollars – to cover my time and travel. This is since I can’t reach or promote to your audience myself (and mine may be too far to attend, or already scheduled into one of my other events). I’ve often been asked to appear on spec, for a “percentage of the door,” but I find that my hosts may loosen their grip on promotion. Having “skin in the game” due to their commitment to a guarantee, often results in a better outcome for all of us.

SHARE MY EXPERTISE (virtually, or in a speaking, or writing “appearance”)

I am open to Joint Ventures and am happy to make my knowledge and expertise available through collaboration on your Social Media or Press & Public platform(s) – as I’m looking to dramatically increase my exposure and outreach – through all avenues available. Cost: Free or by Mutually Agreeable Terms.


A private (which may become public) healing ritual, devoted to supplication – to the Universal Forces – on behalf of folks seeing health or other good fortunes for themselves or their loved ones. I will SUBMIT YOUR PRAYERS OR WISHES to the CRYSTAL HEALING VORTEX. This process is designed only to bring or steer positive energies your (or their) way, not ever to be used against others, or to the detriment of any. A Crystal Layout and Meditation will be used to invoke the best outcome possible, with full respect and awareness that G8d and Pre-Destiny (not to mention Luck) are the ultimate arbiters of our fate. Cost: $20-100 (depending on the scope of the request).


If you feel like you’re ready for some real, personal attention – because working in groups gives you limited time with me – then one-on-one, Individual Sessions are for you. I charge $150 for single, Individual Sessions – which are amply explained through the Individual Sessions’ link (above) – and they run 60-90 minutes. That reduces my highest hourly rate, which drops even further, if you book multiple sessions.

I book out the room for 90 minutes, to accommodate setup & breakdown timing, as well as to give me before-and-after time: thinking about you and your situation, needs – selecting which stones will be best put to use when we’re together – and attending to you throughout the entire period.

I generally prefer pre-booking 3-4 sessions at the outset, so we can truly get to “the meat” of our work together; see some progression over time; and give you the opportunity to settle into our therapeutic process. And when you do this, your per-session rate goes down significantly. Let’s talk about what program – above and below – would work best for you.


Shorter Sessions, by phone or in person, more “talk counseling” runs 20-45 minutes, and costs $40-90, depending on the nature of our work together.

Depending on how far you are, I’ll ring you or ask you to call in to my work number. I’m considering a conference call service, that would enable us to record & save for playback, our meetings. But that is not yet in place, so I cannot offer it currently (though folks have brought recorders to live sessions before).


I try to be very clear about what I’m offering, and transparent about my approach and my perspectives. I have found, occasionally, that people come to me expecting something I do not actually offer. They have their own idea of what it is they want and need, and are unwilling to “let the professional do what he does best.” For that (and other reasons), I cannot offer refunds. I do accept prepayment (PayPal, credit card, or mailed check are fine), and I have a Cancellation Policy: 50% is due regardless, if you have to reschedule less than 48 hours in advance, and 30% is payable, if you give me more than 48 hours’ notice. It’s important that you value the time we’ve set aside, as I do, and that we come through for one another. If, for my own personal reasons (schedule complication, or whatnot) I cancel, I am happy to reschedule our meeting for a mutually agreeable time. The same is true in cases where an “Act of God” (snowstorm, or factor beyond our control) prevents our connection.



$15 for a 60-minute online Crystal Learning Webinars, see the Webinar Archive.

$20 for a 10 minute “Get Acquainted” session, all topics, from Crystals to You.

$40 for a 15 minute independent Crystal Reading & Wellness session.

$16-$28 (from each attendee) for guided group Crystal Meditation, 60-120 minutes.

$34-64 (from each attendee) for Class or instructional Workshop, 120-180 minutes.

$20-100 to include your Prayers or Wishes to the Crystal Healing Vortex Portal.

$34-64 for a Class and/or Workshop, incorporating Instruction & Meditation (2-3 hrs).

$40-$90 for Shorter Sessions & Conversational Consultations (20-45 minutes).

$150 for Individual One-on-One sessions, seated (including on the floor) & lying down, safe-space layout, holding of stones…see Individual Sessions page.

$100-500 to host a Presentation, Class/Workshop or Meditation, your venue.

Free or by Mutually Agreeable Terms: Joint Ventures & Special Promotional opportunities.


For clarification, or with any Questions, please email me: Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com

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