Crystal Poster “Human Energy Zones”

Crystal Energy Zones poster

Crystal Energy Zones poster

FOR SALE: Crystal Energy Zones poster (11×17, one-sided, hard laminate) – order through this link – it features:

> 29 different key Power Stones
> all pertain directly to the human body energy zones
> the usual chakras are condensed to 4 primary regions
> full size, this layout would be 14 feet long
> all stones are superb specimens of each variety
> all have belonged to Crystal Concentrics & Power Stone Crystals founder Kyle Russell
> not limited to one color/stone-per-chakra, each is expanded
> the heart chakra alone has 6 attendant stones (and qualities)
> the throat chakra is renamed “Voice”
> the top chakra goes up from the base of the brain to the astral planes
> black and brown (often excluded) appear repeatedly, and are given their just due in the configuration
> arms and legs are treated as integral (unlike in other systems)
> flow chart shows many options for working with Crystals

– the pre-lamination size is 11×17
– high quality printing, good color & detail
– hard lamination, for durability (full size: 11.3×18″)
– U.S. Post Office Tracking, we email you the #

The poster was debuted at the NYC New Life Expo and is represented here by a photo taken there, to give you an idea of what it looks like, but in a way that’s not reproducible, or can’t be enlarged (for Copyright reasons). Copyright 2014 by Crystal Concentrics, Kyle Russell, all rights reserved.

Email to order, or for more information. Alternatively, send $18 via PayPal to this email address, and we’ll get one out to you ASAP!

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