Who Buys from Me

CUSTOMERS (buyers & potential buyers of Power Stone Crystals):

In person, I like people who trust their instinct – they see something they like – they get it. Likewise, online, it’s nice to work with people who sort through all the options, and know for sure, they’d like this piece (and maybe that one).

Yes, it’s great to see stones in person, but if I’ve done my job of capturing the Crystal well on camera – and you’ve done yours, in asking for any additional, or missing descriptive information – it should be easy to decide if something is right for you. All my clients have that ability, bless them, and we have a history of 100% satisfaction!

Bargainers don’t scare me, the worst thing I can say is “nope,” when you ask for a discount. Ideally, the price break shouldn’t be the determinant of whether you want something. If you feel like a piece will enrich your life, make you happier in some way, then you should not be afraid to drop a chunk of change on it. Money, you can get more of, but these stones are unique.

Although it’s a legitimate concern, telling me you don’t have money, or you’ll need to win the lottery to make a purchase is kind of a conversation stopper. I know folks buy things all the time – nobody (in this country) who’s looking at beautiful things to buy – doesn’t really have ANY money. So sometimes, it feels like an excuse not to give to yourself, or not to help me to help you. Energetically, it seems to cut the flow of abundance in the universe. I’m pleased to say that none of my customers have had regrets, or wished to return their items.

Right now I’m selling mostly over Facebook. But I’m working on a separate web site, that will enable category Searches, which will be cool.

I like working with folks who read. Sounds crazy, but I can’t tell you the number of people who’ve ask me the name of a stone or its price – after I’ve gone to the trouble of posting that very info right in the image description. I also put into every blurb: “DM (or direct Message) me with interest,” and yet people go ahead and post Comments instead of sending me an actual Message. I find their Comments 2 months later, after the item has sold. OR, I Reply to their Comment – ask them explicitly to reach out to me via Message, or to email me – and I never hear back from them. These folks are apparently tire kickers, not serious about buying.

I’m interested in serious buyers or people who are at least open to spending, whether for metaphysical or “merely” collection purposes. I’m serious about Crystals. I’d like you to be, too. Of course, I don’t expect you to be as into it as me, but a healthy respect for the “art” of what it takes to bring you these gems will go a long way.

It is a lot of work – finding (online, at shops, or gem shows) – outlaying funds to make the purchase of many stones – at least some stock of which I’ll keep for use with private clients (and in classes). The personal, display, instructional, and healing pieces never really get paid for, so that’s a cost incurred, which all attendees and folks I work on benefit from.

Tech savvy is not required, but helpful. If you can cut and paste the URL of a photo, or even the verbal description of it – so we’ll both know what we’re talking about – that’ll help us not make mistakes or assumptions about which Crystals interest you. Pretty basic stuff.

There’s nothing we can’t work out – if we stay in thorough touch – communication is key. If you ask me any questions, I will address them all, and likewise, I hope you’ll answer all of mine.

Happy buying, at http://www.Facebook.com/PowerStoneCrystals (or look out for my new website, which will be better only in its capacity to Search and organize options in a way that Facebook – awesome as it is, I like their big picture format – cannot).

EMAIL: CrystalConcentrics@gmail.com

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